Impact Of Trade Shows On The Development Of Global Textile Market

USA 10 - 11 June, 2022
Global Textile Market

Since Indian products have long been regarded as being of inferior quality outside, we must alter our minds if we are to survive in the international market. To grow the Global Textile Market and increase exports, one must produce high-quality textiles and deliver them on schedule. Online production process monitoring is also crucial for deadline compliance, on-time delivery, and the production of high-quality goods.

According to statistics, the global textile industry made over US$1.5 trillion in sales in 2021, and by 2026, that amount is expected to reach almost US$2 trillion.

What Is GTTF?

An opportunity for Indian textile stakeholders to advertise Indian textiles in the USA and other countries is a Global Textile Trade Fair (GTTF). Trade exhibitions give textile companies and apparel exporters a stage on which to grow and succeed in the global textile market.

Trade Shows: A Strategy for Expanding the Global Textile Market

Setting Up A Network: The networking opportunities they offer are only one of the many reasons why trade shows are so valuable for businesses. Even if you don’t learn anything else at the exhibition, you can still spend time with other individuals in your industry and share experiences and knowledge. It would be easier for you to generate new marketing ideas if you discussed your experiences with other exporters or exhibitors.

Global Textile Market

Increase in Brand Value: Top Indian apparel exporters are continually looking for efficient ways to bolster their brands and raise customer awareness of them. One of the things that distinguish trade shows from other events is that they give companies a chance to advertise to potential or existing customers. This is true whether they are exhibitors or visitors. One of the simplest methods to assist trade show guests is through exhibit setup, which will affect how clients perceive your booth.

Making Sales Leads: Trade shows are essential because they give you a chance to connect with customers and close sales. Although marketing is typically used to direct clients to your store or website, a large portion of the sales process can be accomplished on the trade show floor.

Examine the Strategies of Your Rivals: You can learn from what your competitors are doing well and apply their tactics to your own business by using a trade show booth. Take a moment to examine the other exhibitors while your sales staff visits the trade show to network with current clients and develop contacts with future ones. You can then see how they are different from you.
Nearly all businesses are aware of their competitors, and trade shows are one of the most effective places to do so. You can discover more about their price, sales strategy, and other success-enhancing elements.

Global Textile Market

The Possibility Of Communicating With Prospective Clients: By exhibiting at a trade show, you may speak with potential customers in person rather than just on the phone. On the phone, you are just another voice; in person, you assume the persona of someone they know, recognize and want to connect with. Although some potential customers might buy your goods or services there, the majority won’t. People who aren’t prepared to sign a contract in person will, however, be far more receptive to your sales attempts once they realise that you are a real person. This is unlike other salespeople.


Recent data shows that 23% of the textiles produced in the US imports from India. Machines are the second-largest category of goods imported from India and are the country’s main supplier of textiles. The biggest Indian exporters of clothing would undoubtedly gain from the Global Textile Trade Fair by developing their businesses there. Additionally, it will help the Indian economy.