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Indian Manufacturers of:


Apparel &
Ready to Wear




Wool & Woolen

Handicraft & Handloom

Home Textile

Why to Visit:

  • Networking with the Indian giants
  • Understanding the new arrivals in the international market
  • Physical interaction
  • Creative Engagement
  • Understanding the Competition
  • Understanding the market trend

Benefits of doing business with India

  • A perfect blend of fashion, design, quality, patterns, textures, colors, and finish
  • Labor is skilled and economical while the process is highly competitive without taking away from the quality of the final product.
  • Amazing technological developments, superior design capabilities and companies that provide integrated logistics solutions are other highly prized support systems that the industry thrives on
  • India is the largest producer of Jute, The second largest producer of cotton, silk, and cellulosic fiber, the third largest producer of raw cotton and the fourth largest producer of synthetic fiber.